Cornwall Day No.2


Day No.2 at Cornwall has finally been uploaded!

Saint Ives, Cornwall

Saint Ives was one of the places on the list for a must visit! So.. we took a visit!

The Town

IMG_4210Saint Ives is a nice, small coastal town, located North of Cornwall. It has beautiful blue beaches for those wanting to rest on the beach and soak up the sun! Or.. if you fancy something different, there are quite a few museums and art galleries dotted around the town, giving you an insight into the towns talent and history!

Of course there is more to St Ives than just that (like eating the fresh fish and chips!). If you want to find out what else the town has to offer, then check out to see what else there is to do!

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Cornwall Day 1

Hello, sorry its taken ages to get the first post up, thank you for your patience!

I took a trip to Cornwall, the greatest place for if you want to see the blue sea, in England!


Map of Cornwall & where it is located in the UK


Start to the Day

Arising to the good smell of a fried English breakfast – great start to the holiday! – I got out of bed, with no excuse or saying to myself “Just an extra 5 mins” Slouching out of my room, I headed straight to the kitchen table ready to demolish the delicious fry up.

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Coming up next, Cornwall


At the moment I am staying in sunny Cornwall (South West of England… very far south!) and it is beautiful. At some point, when I return home I plan to post about my 3 day trip, giving some tips on where to go if you plan a visit.

Stay tuned!

Picture of Perranporth Beach, Cornwall